CTC Product Range Guide

Ecodesign product data for the CTC product range

From 26’th of September 2015 detailed eco-design data shall be available regards to the eco-design directive 2009/125/EG, energy labeling directive 2010/30/EU and the regulations (EU) no 811/2013, 812/2013, 813/2013 and 814/2013.

Ecodesign data (fiches) are available for CTC products, combination of products, climate and temperature application respectively.

Ecodesign product and package labelling tool

From the 26’th of September products and packages of products that are covered by the energy labelling regulations (EU) nr 811/2013 and 812/2013 shall be labelled to show the energy efficiency. This label generator tool can be used when packages of products are created. Choose Single product to print out a single label for a product, alternatively Package if a package of products is created. The tool calculates the energy efficiency of the created package and generates the new package label.

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