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Ground Source

EcoHeat and EcoPart 400 generation of ground source heat pump has achieved a COP 5.04 and the new GSi 12 inverter driven ground source heat pump achieves 5.22 COP.

Air Source

CTC Inverter driven variable speed Air Source Heat Pump 500M range with a 5.24 COP and the EcoAir 400 range of fixed speed Air Source Heat Pumps with a 4.6 COP.

Intelligent Controls

CTC EcoLogic is a unique control system designed to monitor and regulate CTC’s range of heat pumps.

Intelligent Thermal Stores

Thermal Stores Energy Flexibility intelligence with the CTC EcoZenith i550 Pro multi energy thermal store.

Hot Water Storage Tanks

CTC’s hot water storage tanks are designed for almost all types of energy sources.

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