Beautifully In Tune With Nature

After receiving approval from the Environment Agency Oxford Renewables have recently completed the installation of an Energy Blade in this luscious green valley deep in the heart of central Oxfordshire. The CTC Water Source Heat Pump will heat a house using the energy flowing past the end of its garden, the small brook in this photo is winding its way towards the Thames.

The homeowner is going to benefit from the generous domestic RHI tariff. Water Source Heat Pumps fall into the same bracket as Ground Source ones meaning that they gain 20p/kWh of deemed heat usage (calculated from the properties EPC certificate). This means that after 7 years of payments they will have been gifted nearly £30,000 against the cost of the installation!

The installation uses a CTC GSI 12 heat pump which is based in the house, 40m away from the stream. Not only will the heat be drawn from the watercourse but also from the pipe in the ground which connects the heat pump with the energy blade. The Inverter controlled heat pump with integral DHW preparation means that there is no need for an additional cylinder and so very little room is taken up inside the house.