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CTC is an international heating manufacturer providing innovative renewable heating solutions across the world

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Who we are

CTC is an international heating manufacturer providing innovative renewable heating solutions across the world. For over 90 years our range of high-performance products has warmed homes effectively and efficiently. Our complete range of renewable products now includes air and ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers, solar thermal energy, intelligent controls and our unique energy hub – EcoZenith.

Over the years we have enhanced the technology behind our CTC products to ensure they maintain their unique and innovative Swedish design features, giving UK consumers the benefit of a highly advanced, intelligent all-in-one renewable heating solution.

Time for change

We all know that the way we heat and power our homes and businesses in the UK has to change. The growing population has put excessive demand on our depleting energy supplies, with conventional heating methods no longer a viable option for many property owners.

The UK’s long term strategy for carbon reduction is to produce more from carbon free energy sources, reducing the demand on our power networks and achieving a 15% generation from renewable sources by 2020.

We are sure you are well aware of this increasing need for change in the UK and although concerned about the global energy crisis you want to ensure that you are investing in the right technology for now and the future.

CTC has been leading international heating manufacturer in the heat pump market for over 30 years, with a proven track record for reliability and performance. Our products have been developed to meet the growing needs of the energy and cost conscious consumer, to fulfil their heating needs in the most efficient way possible.

By integrating CTC renewable heating solutions within your property, you will also be eligible to benefit from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Renewable Heat Incentive. The scheme will provide you with a financial payback for producing heat with an efficient or sustainable fuel source, working together to reduce the demand on our power networks.

From product design through to manufacture and international distribution; we are passionate about what we do; dedicated to supplying you with quality renewable heating solutions, working together for a sustainable future.

CTC Timeline

2017 – CTC acquired by NIBE Industrier AB

2013 – CTC celebrates its 90th birthday!

To mark this occasion we have invested in our product development to deliver the best performing products we have ever made.

2010 – CTC launches CTC EcoZenith

An award winning intelligent all-in-one multi-energy hub.

2009 – CTC launches CTC EcoAir V2

A new generation of Sweden’s best-selling air-to-water heat pump.

2008 – CTC launches CTC EcoAir

The 115, 120 and 125 for apartments and commercial businesses.

2007 – CTC launches solar heating systems for direct connection to CTC heat pumps.

2001 – The Enertech Group is sold to the British Enertech Group Ltd.

2000 – CTC launches the EcoAir, a new generation of air-to-water heat pumps.

1999 – CTC launches the EcoHeat compact ground/water source heat pumps

1998 – The two sister companies CTC AB & Bentone AB become a legal entity.

1993 – The British Wolseley plc Group acquires the Enertech Group from Trelleborg.

1988 – CTC and the other Enertech companies are acquired by Trelleborg Group.

1985 – CTC launches the Rebell air-to-water heat pumps in Sweden.

1984 – Saab-Scania buys CTC, which becomes part of the Enertech Group.

1982 – CTC launches exhaust air heat pumps for mechanically ventilated houses.

1981- CTC Launch of CTC’s first oil condensing boiler, type 381.

1979 – CTC launches the CTC Climatic.

A climate-controlled electric boiler.

1977 – CTC’s current factory on Näsvägen in Ljungby, Sweden opens.

1959 – CTC’s new production facility opens in Ljungby.

1952 – CTC launches its first combination boiler with double combustion chambers for oil and solid fuel.

1932 – CTC starts producing water heaters and boilers for wood and coal.

1923 – CTC Begins

In spring 1923, three young engineers in Göteborg start manufacturing heating products. The company is named CTC after the initials of the founders, Celsius, Tellander and Clarin. The name CTC has since been linked to the Latin phrase “Cum Tentatione Corrigendi” meaning “on-going improvement”. Although this meaning was added later, it is very apt considering CTC boasts almost a century of development and improvement.

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